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Enhance Your Romance Through Trance!  Learn More:

Erotic Hypnosis Blog Free Webinar! 

"Five Ways Hypnosis Helps Couples"

Jan. 4th, 1:30 PM Pacific Time

$75 Hawai'i/after Jan. 15

$50 Hawai'i/before Jan. 15

Jan. 18, 2014. 

10 AM - 6 PM

Hawai'i Island

Hawaiian Retreat at Josanna's Organics.

Enrich your romance through trance! 

An introduction to personal, erotic  hypnosis. 

$75 Berkeley Workshop

Be a Hypnotic Valentine! 

Check out our February 

Classes Below.

Feb. 1 - Intermediate

Feb. 15 - Introduction

Berkeley, CA

"It was a great workshop and it had the balance of enough info without too much." 

Erotic Hypnosis Student, 2013.

"Love Amy and really like her style and knowledge. She was the reason we signed up and were very glad and satisfied with the workshop." 

Erotic Hypnosis Student, 2013. 

$75 Berkeley Workshop

Learn basic hypnosis skills and thrills for personal, erotic hypnosis in our full-day workshop. You'll learn:


• How to introduce a partner to personal erotic hypnosis for consenting adults;

• "Pre-talk" and how to negotiate a session 

with your partner;

• Safety and trust rules, hypnosis ethics, boundaries and consent;

• Hypnosis pre-test skills and warm-ups;

• Inductions - how to hypnotize and be hypnotized;

• How to create positive suggestions for

for sensual play and fantasy;

• Erotic hypnosis techniques and scripts;

• What to do if there's a problem;

• The best ways to end a session;

And more!


Enroll using the form above right - then pay using the PayPal buttons below. Please contact for more information.

Please also check out the Intermediate Skills Workshop below.

 Feb. 15, 2014

9 AM - 5 PM

Language Studies International

2015 Center Street

Berkeley, CA 94706

Feb. 1, 2014

9 AM - 5 PM

Language Studies International

2015 Center Street

Berkeley, CA 94706

$75 Berkeley Workshop

This workshop is for people who have taken the Skills & Thrills or Introductory Workshop, or who are already familiar and experienced with some aspects of hypnosis. Much more practice time and demos, more emphasis on sexual and erotic skills!

You'll learn:

• Advanced hypnosis techniques and skills;

• Advanced pleasuring and intimacy skills;

• How to create erotic post-hypnotic suggestions;

• More romantic, tantric, and kinky hypnosis scripts and scenes;

• Erotic self-hypnosis;

• Mutual hypnosis;

• How to write a juicy, erotic hypnosis script;

And more!