Nov. 12 - Dr. Marsh will present "MindGasms & Hypnobondage," a discussion of her January survey of recreational erotic hypnotists, at the Society of Janus Meeting, Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco. 

  • Sex Counseling and Coaching
  • Hypnosis for Sexual Problems
  • Adult Sex Education

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful intercourse - vaginsimus or vulvodynia
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Orgasm difficulties
  • Low desire, lack of "sex drive"
  • Desire discrepancy
  • Transgender and gender variance
  • Body image and sexual self esteem
  • Shame or guilt about sexuality
  • Kink & lifestyle issues
  • LGBQ etc. issues
  • Aging, disability issues
  • Need for variety, fantasy, etc.

Contact Dr. Amy Marsh now for a free, 15 minute phone or Skype consultation to learn how these programs can help you restore some or all of your sexual function and gain in erotic expertise and satisfaction.

Individuals, couples, and intimate multiples are welcome! Sexual preference and lifestyle diversity welcome. Gender diversity welcome. 

Kink & Poly welcome. 

KAP-Listed Professional, NCSF